The technique of dyed yarn


Tying up the dyed yarn

First, tie up a couple of yarns.
Put the mark to make a pattern.
Tie up the yarns which are marked.
The parts of yarn we tied up don’t get dyed.

This technique is applied to Yuki-tsumugi.

Orijime gasuri technique

Use cotton thread as warp and yarn for dyeing as weft, and start weaving.
Then, warps prevent dyeing and the only wefts get dyed.

This technique is applied to Oshima.

Itajime gasuri

Carve a board.
Put yarns between the boards and tighten up hard, then start dyeing.
The part that was tightened up by boards doesn’t get dyed.
Take off the boards to finish up.

This technique is applied to Murayama Oshima and Noto joubu.

Zuke gasuri

We use this technique at our studio.

First, decide on a pattern with 4 to 5 colors and make the dye.
Soak it in the dye.

The main characteristic of this technique is creating soft and natural color gradations on the fabrics.